List of provided documents:

  1. Competition brief (pdf)
  2. Photo for mandatory use (jpg)
  3. Photodocumentation (jpg / zip)
  4. Documentation of existing state (dwg)
  5. 3D model (dwg, dxf, skp, rvt / zip)
  6. Feasability study (dwg, pdf / zip)
  7. Program of municipality office Prague 7 (xls)
  8. Calculation of investment costs (xls)

Documents to be submitted in the envelope “Author”:

  1. Sworn statement of fulfillment of basic qualification requirements (pdf)
  2. Sworn statement of fulfillment of professional qualification requirements (pdf)
  3. Declaration of authorship (pdf)
  4. Sworn statement of sufficient authority to conclude a contract and finalize the design proposal (pdf)
  5. Price offer for design work (xls)

download DOCUMENTS